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The great thing about our new economy is that we can take our work with us, which allows us to have more flexible schedules and do things like take longer vacations. (Yes, there is definitely a down side too of course but I’m a glass full kind of person).

If you’re vacationing in Acadia National Park/the Bar Harbor area, you might be planning to work while here. This post will hopefully give you everything you need to know on the subject.

Cell Service

Because Mount Desert Island has mountains, forests, and lots of remote areas, cell coverage can be kind of spotty. Below is a lovely carousel showing coverage of several major cell phone carriers (voice and data). To stop it on one map, just click on it.

Based on where you are staying and spending time, you can at least know what you are getting into. One thing I can tell you: The Park Loop Road generally has spotty to no coverage.

So how do you deal? One thing you can get is a signal booster for your vehicle. You can purchase this at your cell provider and it can get you an extra bar at times.

The other thing you can do is prepare information you need on your devices to be available offline. TripAdvisor lets you save information for viewing and you can set up cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to do this too. Test what you need to do with your phone by putting it in airplane mode and see how your system works.


Many local businesses have WiFi. Here is a coverage map of ones we know about here:

(Note: It hasn’t updated it in awhile so if you’re a business and want your free WiFi listed, contact these people who maintain the map gratis.

Fiber in the area is prohibitively expensive and with a 100/10 connection costing $200/month, most (and in particular smaller) establishments won’t have high speed.

All public libraries have fiber connections as they are part of the statewide fiber network connecting all schools and libraries. All libraries have open WiFi, which is why you’ll see some people on glowing screens sitting in front of libraries.

Below is the links to all the local libraries, so you can check facilities and hours:

Jesup Library in Bar Harbor
Northeast Harbor Public Library
Southwest Harbor Public Library

Business Services

If you need photocopying, faxing services, FedEx etc. you have a few options.

Your best option is First Express in Bar Harbor offers many of these services and are open five days a week.  (We linked to their Facebook page where they keep their hours up to date.)

Some hotel business centers (there are ones we know about at Atlantic Oceanside, The Bar Harbor Inn, and West Street Hotel) have some services for their guests like this including meeting space.

The closest UPS Store is in Ellsworth, which is another option if you don’t mind the drive or need some service at additional hours not offered by First Express.

Coworking Spaces

Mount Desert Island has two coworking spaces: Anchorspace in Bar Harbor and Wheelhouse in Northeast Harbor. Both have day rates, meeting room/conference space access, high speed internet, and more.

To see amenities and pricing, visit their respective websites.

In short, we hope you come to MDI and stay as long as you can, even if that means doing a little work on a rainy day. 

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