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Whether you’re a ghost story aficionado or a skeptic, these are places you can visit to feel some spooky vibes on Mount Desert Island! Here are some place where people have seen or felt other worldly presences.

Cleftstone Inn

The first reports we could find of Cleftsone Inn being haunted arise in 1974. The Inn is reported to be haunted by two women who lost their lives in a fire. They’ve been known to slam doors, and even throw vases! We even heard that the air in the inn is reported to become heavy and make visitors feel as though the air is heavy.

Coach Stop Inn

Witnesses report flickering lights in the rooms along with audible ghostly conversations. Locals have nicknamed the most famous ghost: “Abbe”. “Abbe” likes to move inn furniture as well as rearrange items left by guests, so be careful what you leave out!

Somes Sound + Flying Mountain

The Somes Sound is reported to be haunted by eight Jesuit missionaries. These missionaries were said to have been killed in 1613. Legend says that British artillery put an end to these missionaries’ work. Guests near the Sound have reported seeing white figures near the water along with a ghostly boat helmed by a man in a brown robe carrying a cross.

We’re combining this with Flying Mountain since it’s a similar idea where a colony of 48 French Jesuits was attacked. Hauntings on this trail include hearing whispered prayers, seeing apparitions of the attacked Jesuits, and a red tint to the local spring water.

Criterion Theatre

George McKay, the original builder of the theater, had a favorite set (Box A) that is said to be haunted and people have reported someone running across the balcony, and even occasionally grabbing or tapping someone on the shoulder.

Compass Harbor

Compass Harbor, a trail along the shoreline near downtown Bar Harbor has the haunted ruins of the George Door Estate. The ghost in question is presumed to be Mr. Dorr. Known locally as the “Father of Acadia National Park,” Mr. Dorr is said to still inhabit the property he calls home…despite it being 100 years ago! Our friends at Red Cloak said that he very much enjoys his time there still, and he’s kind to explorers.

Bar Harbor Beerworks

According to Red Cloak Tours, Mr. Green Jeans is a fan of eating and drinking establishments. Don’t sweat it though, he isn’t a malevolent inhabitant. He’ll certainly make himself known though. He’s said to open and close doors and windows around the establishment. For those brave enough to explore, he is in the 3 business building of Carmen Verandah, Beer Works, and One Off Pub. He’s a big fan of their food and drink!

Nearby: Swan’s Island

The ghost of Swan’s Island is reported to be a woman carrying a baby. We’ve heard that their footprints can be seen in the sand shortly after encountering them. Along with the woman and her child there have been sightings of balls of fire with a ghastly face appearing within them.

For the brave…these are places to be explored in the dead of night to encounter whatever is haunting these locations. We have no guarantee that these haunts are friendly…so explorer beware!

Nearby: Elsa’s Inn

Guests of this inn have reported chilling Victorian music filling the rooms late at night. There are no reports of any violent activity or room rearrangement from this haunt – she’s apparently quite fond of just playing a tune.

To hear these stories and more, be sure to give our friends at Red Cloak Tours a tour, they love sharing their stories with locals and visitors alike.

If you have any ghost stories of your own, we’d love to hear them! Comment below!


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