Since we’ve talked sunrise previously, it only makes sense to offer you some non Cadillac Mountain sunset spots for the Night Owls.


Hadley Point Beach:  Owned by the Town of Bar Harbor, and managed as a multi-use area, Hadley Point is a popular picnic area and boat launch. Bring some firewood with you and have a S’mores party on the sand as you watch the sun go down. This is  a dog friendly location. That said, trash and poop causes unhealthy pollution to the clam flats here so both Mama Nature and your neighbors clam bake will be impacted if you don’t pack up all waste when you go!

This is a spot that works for the less mobile as you can drive right onto the beach (also less hauling  for the s’mores! Yup, I’m obsessing….)
Lat. 44.443693, Long. -68.319224

The Bar –  Sunset in downtown Bar Harbor can be viewed from the Shore Path and Town Pier, but a great option when the tides co-operate is from the Bar itself. (Note: Bar Harbor is not named after our various places to buy beer but because of the sand bar separating the mainland from Bar Island, a small island in the bay). It’s just a matter of turning away from the typical view towards the Bar Harbor Inn and the Town Pier that kind of grabs you first. Park downtown and walk to the Bar (if you walk down Bridge Street toward the water, you’ll walk right onto it). Visually you can pick a more open water view of Mount Desert Narrows from the center of the Bar or catch the sun dropping behind Bar Island from the Bridge Street end. If the tides aren’t in your favor  and since we have you thinking of bars, sunsets from the deck at The Looking Glass are very civilized with comfortable seating and fire pits! This is a seasonal restaurant, so don’t get excited about cocktails with a sunset view this Valentine’s.

Sand Bar
Lat. 44.392051, Long. -68.210125


Eagle Lake  – Abundant parking and easy access and footing make this a good spot for all ages and abilities.
The boat ramp opens up the ability for a peacful sunset on the water,  without dealing with waves, tides and ocean currents. Though very busy during the day, it’ll be quieter come sundown and there are plenty of ways to get a bit of privacy if you need – marriage proposal anyone? This is part of Acadia National Park, so make sure your pass is displayed in your car. Trust me a $130 parking fine will diffuse that golden sunset glow pretty quick and you just spent all your moola on that engagement ring….

Eagle Lake Boat Ramp
Lat. 44.376513, Long. -68.250634

Photo credit: The Limited Lens

Seal Cove – With care, you can watch the golden orb from roadside areas. For easier parking and seating and more open views, the municipal boat landing and park in Tremont on Cape Road has a picnic area. This is a lobster boat anchoring area, so the boats will add to the scene. The photographers among you can capture a panoramic image with good chances of  reflections on the water as this is a well protected harbor.

651 Cape Road
Lat. 44.283005, Long. -68.408895

Indian Point/Clark Cove – Ok so we are cheating a bit here again – 2 locations for the price of one! On the western side of the Island close to the head of the Island you can access the water via Blagden Nature Preserve (The Nature Conservancy) or Blue Horizons (Maine Coast Heritage Trust).

Photo credit: Acadia365

Both these will involve a bit of a walk: Min. 0.5 – 1 mile on fire roads and then a bit of trail so be prepared with that trusty flashlight you got after reading the sunrise post!

Both also border private property so respect their privacy.

Blagden has the famous red Adirondacks for your viewing pleasure, but is only open until 6pm, so Blue Horizons may be better for summer evenings. This is why we gave you the twofer – both are similarly located.

Blue Horizon Parking (on the side of the road)
Lat. 44.39557923, Long.-68.34558517

Blagden Preserve Parking Lot (approx.)
Lat. 44.382919, Long.-68.364855

Now that we have you thinking, here are things to consider on your sunset jaunt:

  • Timing things perfectly. You will want to be settled 20-30 mins before the published sunset times.
  • Dress the part. It will get dark and colder, so don’t forget the flashlight and some layers, blankie, or your favorite snuggle buddy.
  • Sun’s down stars are out! If it’s a clear night why not consider adding some night-sky activities after the fact? Maybe you can catch moon-rise or stay out later for some stargazing. Apps can help tell you what you’re looking at in terms of constellations or you can just enjoy the scene slowly getting dark.
  • Location scouting. This is a bit easier than for sunrise as you can do it on your way in. The danger with this is it’s light when you head out so it seems like a great idea to bring along the chair, the wine bottle etc., but this could be more problematic coming back, especially of it was multiple wine bottles – remember where that tree trunk you had to step over was for you return journey!
  • Apres Ski. The nice thing about sunset is that you’ll be heading home at peak social hour, so you can easily continue your evening festivities and support our local businesses.

Sunsets make the end of your day perfect. Whether you are just leaving the office, on vacation, or simply prepared to make time for joy, we’re happy to help you find the viewing spot that makes you happy!

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