MDI is a place of natural wonder, a place where mountain and sea live together in peace.  While a hike up Cadillac or Beehive is highly recommended, the water is a great option if you’re interested in seeing the island through a fresh set of eyes.

For your convenience, we have researched the best boat tours so you can begin your journey faster!

Lulu Lobster:

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, Lulu Lobster boat tours is the only tour in Bar Harbor that is hosted on a traditional downeast-style lobster boat.  The tours are about two hours long and they offer both lobster fishing tours as well as seal watching tours.  The boat sails from Harborside Hotel & Marina.  Continuously rated one of the best tours in Bar Harbor by its’ patrons, you can’t go wrong. Check out their website here.


Diver Ed’s Dive-in Theater:

Do you have children or are you a child at heart? Diver Ed’s Dive-in Theater is the way to go.  The two hour interactive tour is hosted by Captain Evil and Diver Ed.  Watch as Ed dives to the bottom of Frenchman Bay with a camera which displays real-time footage onto an LED TV on the (safe and dry) boat.  Diver Ed explores the water with you and brings up salt-water creatures that patrons are welcome to hold.  A fun way to explore the seaboard of Maine. Theater showtimes are available on their website.



Sea Princess Scenic Nature Cruises:

Looking for something a little more tranquil? Sea Princess Nature Cruise is a fantastic option.  The Sea Princess, hosted by experienced professionals sails on calm water only in order to ensure an enjoyable time for all people alike.  The company offers four different tours depending on what the patron is interested in seeing, and even offers a sunset cruise for people interested in seeing the island in a different light (golden, to be exact).


Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.

You know what’s cool?  Witnessing some of the largest mammals on Earth alive and in action.  Bar Harbor Whale Watch tours can offer you that experience.  As one of the most popular boat tours in Bar Harbor, it has gained its’ reputation for a reason.  They offer 13 different tours in total, but we recommend the whale watch tour or a nature cruise depending on what you’re feeling. Tours are anywhere from 2- 5 hours and are narrated by trained professionals.  The company is operated off of West Street Pier.


Self-powered Cruises:

Sometimes sitting on a boat isn’t nearly as fun as getting out and being active, and why not when there are plenty of opportunities to do so in the area?  Bar Harbor offers a ton of kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing tours. Check out one of our previous posts for more information!



Did we forget something?  Give us your recommendations in the comments!


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