Social media is a great way to join a community. Like most small towns, MDI has some active Facebook pages related to different aspects of the community. Here are a few you might want to join:

Events On MDI

Every business or non-profit that does anything pretty much posts it here (often several times). It’s a good group for a quick skim about what’s going on.
Watch out for: The lack of chronological order of events
Try: Clicking “Interested” to add events to your personal Facebook event list, even if you’re not sure you can make it (see lack of chronological order above- you may never see it again in your feed).

Bar Harbor Barter And Swap

This is the local “hard to get into” Facebook group. Well monitored, it is a mixture of stuff for sale, community news, and jokes. Note: if you request entry and have to wait a few months, know we have no control over this.
Watch out for:
People asking about road/traffic conditions repeatedly, people ghosting after expressing interest that they want to buy something.
Try: If you’re selling  something, linking to a similar product online (at full price) so people can see full specs and that they are getting a deal (More tips on this blog post)

MDI Rental Resource

If you are looking for housing or have a rental, this is the page for you. People both offering and looking for housing post to this page year round.
Watch out for: People who want an in town rental for the summer for $500/month (ie unrealistic expectations).
Try: Giving a price and/or geographic range if you are looking for something between May and October (ie communicating you can be flexible)

Bar Harbor Employment Hub

Whether you are a 14 year old looking for babysitting jobs or a 100 employee company looking for a few new employees, you can post on this page.
Watch out for: People who say they want jobs but aren’t responsive to peoples’ comments on their post
Try: Adding photos and specifics to your post if you aren’t going to link to a website  with more information (to save from people having to ask questions)

I Love Bar Harbor Maine

Managed by Jane Holland and Tony Palumbo, this page is where people post photos (limited photos/posts so people only post their best) or ask for recommendations as they plan a vacation or visit. Well monitored with a no drama/politics policy.
Watch out for: People wanting you to plan their vacation for them, gratis.
Try: Posting a great picture you’ve taken, even if it was from months or years ago.

More useful Facebook groups in a future post but for now, those are a few great places to start connecting to locals and visitors alike. Happy networking!

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