Acadia National Park is awesome. But the awesomeness of Acadia has been well-documented and overshadowing some of the other cool local hiking spots that are not Acadia.

As the tourists flock to Acadia, sometimes these lesser-known spots can be wide open for your enjoyment and not far from Mount Desert Island!

Location: Ellsworth, Maine
For me this is the closest thing to walking in my Grandma’s woods, or maybe a more universal experience, walking in a Tolkien novel. There are many cool birds to see in the sanctuary and you can feed the ducks before choosing between an array of trails to take that offer various detours and side trips. There are magical places like Queen’s Throne, Egg Rock, Lady Slipper Hill, and Harriet’s Pond. This magical place right in the heart of Ellsworth that, except for the humming of cars in the distance, makes you feel like you are a million miles away from civilization.

The Black House
Location: Ellsworth, Maine
Also known as Woodlawn Museum, Gardens & Park, this is another nice place in Ellsworth to go for a stroll. The paths here are less extensive that at Birdsacre, but there is also much less of a chance for getting lost as these paths are basically a series of three circles or horseshoes. You can basically pick from a small, medium, or large hike (the longest wouldn’t take more than an hour).  And, if you are feeling a little late 19th century British, you can play some wickets on the croquet court after or before your stroll. Otherwise you can enjoy the 1903 Colonial Revival Formal Garden.

Lamoine and Marlboro Beaches
Location: Lamoine, Maine
We include them together because they go together as they both reside on opposing sides of the greater Lamoine area, not unlike East Egg and West Egg in The Great Gatsby. (The more manicured Lamoine Beach representing East Egg (the old money) while Marlboro Beach in its less developed represents West Egg (the new money).  Even if you have not read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, you can still enjoy the beauty that both Lamoine and Marlboro Beach have to offer. And while they do not have manicured hiking trails, they are good for a light stroll of complication, and (except Lamoine Beach in the height of summer) these are typically quite peaceful places.

Blue Horizons
Location: Bar Harbor, Maine
Not only is the name calming, so is the hike on these small, but lovely trails made possible by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust.  You can walk all the way from Indian Point Road to Clark Cove and enjoy wildlife in the vernal pools and mudflats all along the way.  And when you get to Clark’s Cove you can enjoy the magnificent views from the beach. We are fortunate to the opportunity to enjoy these trails which are part of the 82-acre Blue Horizons Preserve generously donated in 2010 by the landowner at the time.

Blue Hill Mountain
Location: Blue Hill, Maine
While you can see Blue Hill from a lot of places, hiking up it is an entirely different view of Downeast Maine. It’s one mile up but a pretty steep hike but great views and lots of places to eat blueberries as you go (during that season anyway). If you wanted to compare this to a book, I’d say it’s kind of like Blueberries For Sal.

Have other local hikes that you enjoy? Please share them with us! We’ve already been inspired to at least make this a two-parter.

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