It’s no secret that MDI is a great place for being active (whether on land or on the water). Sometimes, it’s nice to have company for these activities, or at least a place to share knowledge and news (road conditions, upcoming events, that sort of thing). There are more than a few Facebook Groups dedicated to fitness on MDI, and although some of them are “closed” (meaning you have to ask to join), they’re accepting new members of all skill levels (from “never done it before” to “I eat this stuff for breakfast”).

Acadian Group Runners. This closed group has a couple hundred members, and extends to the “greater Downeast” area. If you’re looking for advice, route recommendations,  a running buddy (or buddies), upcoming local races, and more, this is the group to join. It is a closed group, so you’ll have to request to join (I think this is mainly so you don’t have to worry about posting and having it come up in all your other friends’ newsfeeds).

“Don’t be intimidated by faster runners, or long distances. This group is meant for every type of runner. Slow, fast, 5k runners, and ultra-marathoners.”

Down East Running Trail Team. Similar to Acadian Group Runners, except it’s dedicated solely to trail running. Although it has fewer members, it covers a greater geographic area (like some runs take place on the Sunrise Trail in Ellsworth, not just the trails on the island). The group name, in case you missed it, is “DERT” for short.

Bike MDI. Another group with a decent sized following is for those who like to bike. In the winter months especially, this is a good place to find out road conditions (like whether or not the summit to Cadillac is clear).  You’ll also find other things like articles and local events that are related to biking.

Ski MDI & Acadia Nordic SkiingFor those who enjoy cross-country skiing, some of the carriage roads are groomed in the winter just for that. Acadia Nordic Skiing is the OG Facebook group for skiers, for trail conditions, route suggestions, ask questions, etc. It does seem like the group has been inactive for a little bit, but Ski MDI is a fairly new (closed) group with a similar purpose.
TRI-THIS. If you’ve ever entertained the idea of doing a triathlon, this is the group for you. Whether you’re looking for training tips, intel on triathlons nearby (or at least in the state), are experienced or a total novice, this is the Facebook community for you. And even if you’re just interested in one part of the triathlon (for example open water swims), you’ll find people organizing small group events in the group.

If I’ve missed a group that you know of, please comment to let me know and I’ll update!

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