Have a hankering for something sweet? MDI has a lot to offer on the sweet tooth front, so you are in for a treat.

Please note that in this post we’re just focusing on bakeries and cafes and not getting into the amazing desserts you can get from some of the local restaurants, but let us know if we’ve left anyone out! Check out our Complete Guide To Ice Cream and The Best $5 You Can Spend At Any MDI Bakery (if savory options are more your taste).

Mount Dessert Bakery

Located on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor, Mount Dessert Bakery is a relatively new addition to Bar Harbor’s dessert scene. From sandwich specials to hand pies, coffee cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and other treats made daily, you don’t want to miss this bakery! Enjoy your treats to go or with some fresh coffee in their seating area to the side.

Recommended: As someone who grew up very (eh, somewhat) picky about whoopie pies thanks to a mom who made them from scratch, I will say that the whoopie pies you’ll find at Mount Dessert Bakery are almost a clone of these childhood whoopie pies of mine!

The Pink Pastry Shop

As you walk up Main Street in Bar Harbor, you may walk by a window filled with delicious looking pastries on display. It’s hard to walk by and not try purchase something (and if you do, I commend your willpower!). Some of the treats you may see on display are cupcakes of all flavors, whoopie pies, cakes, and more!

Recommended: I am a fan of the peanut butter & chocolate combination, so the peanut butter chocolate cupcake gets my vote. Last summer there was also a chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting, topped with chocolate brownie and chocolate fudge- now that’s a dessert!

A Slice of Eden

On the other end of Main Street you’ll find A Slice of Eden (a fun play on words- for those who don’t know, Bar Harbor was formerly the Town of Eden). This pastry shop is open for breakfast and lunch, serving savory sandwiches, soups, bagels, and a variety of sweet food such as creampuffs, cookies, bearclaws, cakes and pies. (You can find gift certificates for them in our shop!)

Recommended: The chocolate raspberry mousse cake is the perfect blend of chocolate and fruity flavor- don’t be surprised if you “accidentally” eat the whole thing.

Morning Glory Bakery

Tucked away on Rodick Street in Bar Harbor, Morning Glory Bakery offers breakfast sandwiches, bagels, coffee, soups, pastries, and more! Open year round with longer hours during the summer, this is a great place to find something to nibble or gobble depending on how hungry you are. In terms of sweet food, they have quite a variety and it may vary on a day to day basis.

Recommended: Although they switch up their rotation (and you can always request something custom in advance), they recently made some Almond Dream Cookies dipped in chocolate that definitely seemed like a dream.

Thrive Juice Bar & Kitchen

Right next door to Morning Glory, you’ll find Thrive Juice Bar & Kitchen. But wait, why are you trying to send us to a juice bar for dessert?  you may be wondering. Thrive offers a lot of sweet treats that are made with healthy, natural ingredients and trust me, you will not be disappointed! On the menu, for instance, you can try the Chocolate Indulgence Smoothie or any of their smoothie bowls. Be sure to check out the walk-in cooler for treats like Thrive Bars, energy bites, and the occasional slices of Chocolate Beet Cake! By the register you can often find Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and a variety of muffins and breads.

Recommended: My go-to non-juice item is typically a cookie, but if you can get a piece of Chocolate Beet Cake, that’s where your sweet tooth will certainly Thrive 😉

YWCA Pie Sale 

Starting in June, the YWCA on Mount Desert Street in Bar Harbor holds pie sales every Tuesday from 10:00 am – 12, through September 12th. The pie sale is also a fundraiser for their General Fund. The pies are made by volunteers every week, too (if you are local and available to help with making pies, head over to their Facebook page to learn more about helping!).

Recommended: The pies vary from week to week, but personally I’m a fan of a good Tollhouse Pie 🙂


Back on Main Street, Choco-Latte is known for their drink menu, including the “Choco-Latte,” but they also offer something sweet to go with their beverages. A few things you might find: cinnamon buns, scones, sweet breads, brownies, different types of bark (the chocolate kind, not the tree kind), and all kinds of truffles!

Recommended: Nutella Coffe Truffles. Anything that has Nutella automatically has my vote.

Milk & Honey

Venturing to the other side of the island in Northeast Harbor, Milk & Honey is a catering company that offers a cafe from June to September. Like most cafes and bakeries, you will probably find something different every day. They also have a menu for savory options like sandwiches and other items. Don’t forget to check out their special desserts (it’s recommended that you order 3 days in advance).

Recommended: From Apple Cider to Strawberry Glazed, you can’t go wrong with one of their homemade donuts!

The Colonel’s Restaurant & Bakery

Another Northeast Harbor option is The Colonel’s Restaurant and Bakery. At the bakery, you can find pastries, cookies, sandwiches, cakes, and more (and get takeout from the Restaurant). Their donut twists are a fun way to enjoy a favorite breakfast treat, too!

Recommended: Although the cinnamon buns may be big enough to share, you are by no means required to 🙂

Little Notch Bakery

In Southwest Harbor,  Little Notch Bakery offers  pastries, cookies, pizza, and breads (and lots more). Everything is homemade, and  you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at the cafe! They are well known for their homemade breads, which you can find a full list of on their website. 

Recommended: Enjoy a little something sweet AND get a taste of Little Notch’s bread making skills with the chocolate croissant. The first time I had something like this was in Quebec, and knowing that I can get it just on the other side of MDI makes me very happy.

As you see, if you like sweet, you’ll like life on MDI, whether you’re here for a little while or a long while! Please comment below if we’ve missed any of your favorites (or you just want to agree with us).

One comment on “The Sweet Tooth’s Guide to MDI

  • I love cinnamon rolls! I love your blog! In the absence of my beloved Cinnabon, where you can get a warm gooey cinnamon roll ***any time of day***, I would love to see a blog post just about where to get the best cinnamon rolls/sticky buns/cinnamon buns (whatever you prefer to call them). Some have them, but only until sold out, which may be early in the day (this is very sad to me). Some have nuts (not my preference). Some are very dry with icky shortening frosting on top. Some are soft and gooey with a caramel glaze (yum, but do these even have cinnamon?). Does anyone make a vegan version? Or even carry vegan refrigerated cinnamon bun dough rolls (A&B?). Can you tell I haven’t had my cinnamon roll fix for a while? I’m almost desperate. Can you help a girl out? Haha.

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