Virtual Tours Downeast Gift Certificate

Serving MDI and Hancock County with virtual tour services.

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About Virtual Tours Downeast

Virtual Tours Downeast offers virtual tour photography and setup in Downeast Maine. The tour includes 3D photographs of the space and the ability to view a floorplan view or ‘dollhouse’ view (like a virtual cross section) of your space. Because all photos are taken at high resolution and to scale, meaning you can even take measurements off the photos. Great for rentals, boats, real estate, renovation projects, someone in the process of moving or inventorying their home’s content, and much much more.

$250 for a 30 minute shoot (Examples: Thirsty Whale, Sips Cafe, small rental or apartment)
$300 for a 60 minute shoot (Examples: Reel Pizza, a 2,000 square foot house)

Where to Find Us

53 Oak Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605