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Ice cream with an education from a local Bar Harbor ice cream retreat.


About Udder Heaven

At Udder Heaven you can literally get an education and enjoy ice cream at the same time. That’s right, educated and inspired, completing ice cream programs conducted at Pennsylvania State University, University of Wisconsin, University of Florida, and Ice Cream University in New Jersey, their chief ice cream maker will share his ice cream knowledge, describing how ice cream is made from the udder to the scoop.┬áThen, just like the good old days, you will get the chance to make your own ice cream. Udder Heaven supplies the ice cream mix, flavor, inclusions, ice, rock salt, and machine. You supply the cranking power (Udder Heaven does have have back up electricity for mortals). Or, if you like, you can skip the education process and simply enjoy some of their tasty ice cream.



Where to Find Us

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