As we pull out of the pandemic (ourselves included) some new businesses have emerged on Mount Desert Island.

This post we’ll be talking Bar Harbor and next post will be greater MDI so stay tuned. (You can subscribe via email to get all our updates.)

In the meantime, we’ve heard from our local business-owning friends there are both hiring and supply chain issues which means everyone is doing their best so please be patient and keep buying local so these businesses can be with us for years to come!

Aloha MDI

Where: Cottage Street, Bar Harbor
What: Poke bowls, lobster rolls, hot dogs, desserts (Yes, this order link looks weird but I ordered and it’s legit)
Poke is diced raw fish (poke mean so slice or cut in Hawaiian), usually marinated, and tossed over rice with vegetables and flavorful sauces. These poke bowls can involve lobster but don’t have to; online ordering available and a couple spots to sit if you aren’t doing takeaway.

Acadia Perk

Where: Firefly Lane, Bar Harbor
What: Coffee shop
Right across from the Village Green, your usual coffee favorites as well as desserts and warm breakfast items. Including Needhams (a Maine delicacy, it’s a candy that involves chocolate and potatoes but trust us, really good!). And if you like what you drink, they retail their coffee online too.

Acadia Takeaway and Catering

acadia takeaway buildingVia Acadia Takeaway & Catering Facebook page[/caption
Where: Cottage Street, Bar Harbor
What: Catering company with order ahead meals
If you’re looking for a homemade and delicious dinner you didn’t have to make, you can order your dinner Monday through Friday on the Acadia Takeaway website 24 hours or more ahead. They even have a 10 minute parking spot so you easily swing in.

West Eden Pizza

west eden pizza being cookedvia West Eden Pizza Facebook page
Where: Town Hill (outer Bar Harbor)
What: Eat in and take out pizza and subs
Across from the Town Hill Playground, West Eden Pizza has subs, salads, and pizza from 3-8 pm most nights. They have a porch (AKA outdoor seating) and you can order online. We also might have heard about a cookie dough whoopie pie. Sorry and you’re welcome.


versatileushop instagram Via @versatileushop’s Instagram

Where: Cottage Street, Bar Harbor
What: Retail clothing store
With ‘eco-friendly, handmade, stylish, and affordable’ clothing and housewares, think laid back Instagram influencer in terms of a vibe. Mostly straight sizes in terms of clothing, there are also candles, pillows, and jewelry. Offers online shopping options too with free shipping on orders over $75.

Check out next week for other finds from around Mount Desert Island! In the meantime, if we forgot a new business, please comment below so we can add to this list!

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