Want to bring your best friend to MDI with you for some adventures? You’re in luck! It’s a pretty dog-friendly community overall, from lodging to dining to exploring the park, and more. Here are some dining, lodging, and general activities that welcome well-behaved dogs (and humans).


The Coffee Hound in Bar Harbor not only welcomes your fur babies, they actually encourage you to bring them in! If your pup is photo friendly, it may even get featured on their Facebook Page! They are also celebrating their 5 year anniversary this season.

Hanscom’s Motel & Cottages has put together this resource of pet friendly establishments on MDI, including several restaurants such as Jack Russell’s Steakhouse and Brewery, 2 Cats, Jordan Pond House, and more:

Pet Friendly MDI

Bark Harbor has a similar list on their website (a few of these restaurants are no longer open, but the majority are) to check. In other words, if you want to enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants on the island, chances are you don’t have to leave your dog in the car 🙂


Balance Rock Inn (Bar Harbor, select rooms, $40/night)

West Street Hotel (Bar Harbor, select rooms)

Eden Village Motel & Cottages  (Bar Harbor, $10/night)

Harbor View Motel & Cottages  (Southwest Harbor, $10/day, $60/week)

Kimball Terrace Inn (Northeast Harbor, Limited pet friendly rooms, about $25/day)

Hanscom’s Hotel & Cottages (Bar Harbor, $15/day for well behaved pets).

Blackwoods, Seawall, & Schoodic Woods Campgrounds.

There’s more hotels listed on this Bark Harbor blog post.


Acadia National Park is the ultimate destination for humans and dogs to explore the natural beauty that MDI has to offer. In the park, pets must be on a 6 foot long (max) leash, and owner’s are responsible for cleaning up after them. The park has a list of trails that are restricted to pets, and a list of “eh, your pet probably could hike this, but it’d be tough” hikes (i.e. not technically restricted, but not advised) here. From personal experience, the listed hikes have steep ladders  and drop-offs that are pretty tough for most people, so there’s a good reason for the restriction. Also check out the list for the allowed lakes and campgrounds.

Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor is probably the only leash-free area (it is privately owned but open to the public). Otherwise the same rules about cleaning up after your dog apply.

Some boat tours, such as Downeast Windjammer Cruises (Bar Harbor), Acadian Boat Tours (Bar Harbor), and Sea Princess Nature Cruises (Northeast Harbor) allow dogs to join on the sea-faring adventure, as long as they remain leashed.

If you want to shuttle around MDI using the Island Explorer, you can also bring a leashed dog aboard!


Bark Harbor on Main Street in Bar Harbor is one of the best places around for a dog. From gear and accessories to treats from their “barkery” (also available online), Bark Harbor loves dogs. (I got my mom’s dog the bacon bones and they were a big hit).

You can also find some all natural smoked USDA beef dog bones from one of our sellers, Brown Family Farms!


If you’re on a working vacation, or just need to check in with how things are going at the office, Anchorspace is pet-friendly! For more information, you can check out their website here.

Vet/Kennel Services

Hopefully you won’t need a vet while you’re on vacation, but if for some reason you do, the Acadia Veterinary Hospital in Bar Harbor offers extended hours in the summer.

Acadia Woods Kennel in Bar Harbor is also an option if you need to leave your dog somewhere to be safe and looked after for a day or more.

If we’ve forgotten any of the dog-friendly perks on MDI, leave us a comment and let us know! We’re working on a future post about living on MDI with a dog (ex: obedience classes, events, grooming, etc.) so let us know if you have something to contribute. 

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