When I first moved here, I joked that everyone seemed to be making jewelry.

People on this island are pretty artistic, and a great way to remember your trip (instead of buying a cheesy t-shirt) is to get yourself a nice piece of jewelry. Here are some places you can check out. (I’ve tried to summarize the overall vibe of each creator. If you think I’ve gotten it right or haven’t, please add your two cents in the comments!)

Shaw Jewelry

Northeast Harbor
Avant garde, one of a kind jewelry

This gallery in Northeast Harbor is headed up by Sam Shaw, but hosts a number of other jewelry designers as well. Lots of natural elements and organic shapes are used in pieces in addition to more traditional designs.
Standout piece: Disc earrings with basalt and diamond

Lisa Hall Jewelry

Northeast Harbor
Seaglass and inspired by Italy

Lisa Hall and her employees make sea glass creations (without tumbling or otherwise distorting the glass) and also work in precious metals and stones. Employees are encouraged to start their own lines and these are on display in the shop with other gift items like Italian imports (who doesn’t want some Italian toothpaste?) and cute clutches.
Standout piece: Crown rings with semiprecious stones
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Leslie Jones Jewelry

Southwest Harbor/Online
Standout pieces featuring beadwork

If you like antique jewelry mixed with a modern take, Leslie’s creations often feature large stones, pieces of sea glass, or recycled antique jewelry that is remixed in a whole new way with beadwork. She does lots of special orders and knows which stones align with which energies, so your jewelry can come with this added benefit if you’d like.

Standout piece:¬†Carved Floral and Bird Cabochon from the 1960’s paired with peridot
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Heather Murray

Bar Harbor
Simple silverwork ‘in balance’

Heather is a yoga teacher and her designs reflect her practice and are named after yogic ideas. Her work is mainly silver and gold pieces occasionally set with precious stones, which are simple but also a little edgy.
Standout piece: Lotus necklace (sterling silver accented with 22 kt gold)

Willis Rock Shop

Bar Harbor
Jewelry made with precious stones (specializing in Maine Tourmaline)

Did you know Maine’s state mineral is Tourmaline? Willis’ Rock Shop carries crystals and other items for the geology enthusiast, but also makes their own jewelry with precious stones including tourmaline, which in Maine typically comes in green, pink, or green and pink (watermelon tourmaline) varieties.
Standout piece: 14K gold watermelon Maine Tourmaline necklace

Abbe Museum

Bar Harbor
Native American jewelry

The Abbe Museum gift shop represents work from lots of Native artists including jewelers working in quills, woven materials, precious metals, and beading. Besides their shop (adjacent to the museum) they also have a yearly Indian Market that attracts many artists, local and otherwise.
Standout piece:¬†“Silver Cuff” by Matagi Sorensen, Yavapai-Apache

Anne Woodman

Bar Harbor
Whimsical wire jewelry

If you like your jewelry wrapped, give Anne Woodman’s shop (online or in downtown Bar Harbor) a look. She sometimes wraps wire to create shapes on their own (like hearts and butterflies) but she also uses wire and incorporates elements like pearls and vintage artifacts (ex: tiny white elephant sculptures).
Standout piece: Chaos cuff with pearls
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Galleries that also have jewelry (but enough different and rotating pieces we can’t do them justice) are Southwest Harbor Artisans and Island Artisans.

If you want to see a lot of artists in one place, the local Island Arts Association has several events during the season all over MDI. Click here to see what’s going on when!

Mount Desert Island is a great place for art and for a variety of local jewelers. If we left anyone out, please comment on this post and we’ll update this article. Thanks to our local artists for making MDI even more beautiful with your creations.

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