We know a lot of people love MDI… but what about falling in love on MDI?

A Collection Of Contemporary Local Love Stories You Can Listen To

The My Desert Island Podcast did a series of interviews with local couples a couple years ago. You can listen to the couples tell the stories in their own words. Listen to Part One and Part Two

A Collection Of Historical Local Love Stories You Can Read

Even in the early 20th century, the idea of “summer love” was a popular one, even in MDI’s early days as “a summer playground for wealthy out-of-staters”  .  “Love on the Rocks: Stories of Rusticators and Romance on Mount Desert Island” is a collection of eleven of these (entirely fictional) love stories, collected by editor Kathryn Muether. ” One of the authors, Constance Harrison, was herself a visitor in the summers (COA now owns the land her family used to vacation on). You can read her short story, “A Virginia Cousin and Bar Harbor Tales” on Google Reader.

A Collection of Vacation Romances

It’s no secret that MDI is a vacation hot-spot. Vacation on MDI also happens to be the perfect time for proposing, at least for some. For others, like this couple doing a Trek Maine bike ride, MDI was the place where they realized they were in love.

If you do happen to get engaged on your vacation, let your hotel know- especially if you’re at the Acadia Hotel in Bar Harbor!

A Collection of Local Stories That You Saw Here First

We took to social media and got these special love stories from people we are connected to:

Nancy Corliss: They used to have street dances on the pier in Bar Harbor with live bands on the 4th of July. In 1969 (walk on the moon, Woodstock, Manson murders-did not participate in any), Art and I were there. He was looking for another “girl “ and I was looking for another “boy.” As fate would have it, neither showed up, so Art asked me to dance, and the rest is our amazing history. We got married the next summer, August 22nd, 1970. Two wonderful sons later and five granddaughters later, we will celebrate 48 years of marriage this summer.

Matthew Hochman: So, When I was about 10 years old, I wanted to go sledding at Little Bunker, so I told my parents I was going to my friend’s house, He told his mom he was going to my house, and off we snuck to the golf course. Me, being the young idiot I was, did not dress appropriately, so I ended up cold and slightly blue shivering in a snowbank, when a young lady a few years older than me tripped over me in the snow. She brought her dad over and they took me home to warm up. Apparently, as she’s since told me, she cried for days thinking that nobody loved me and left me out in the snow to freeze. This September 18th we will have been married for 25 years.

Abby Bridges: My parents Daniel & Jenn met working at Jordan Pond House almost 30 years ago and later settled down here. My sister and I both spent our first couple years of summer work in high school (she’s a senior and I’m a freshman at Mount Holyoke College) under a good family friend who’s also the same manager that hired my parents when they were in their 20s.

I’m fairly sure he was a manager or the manager when they met so they were friends for a while, but he wrote her a note when she went back to Bates for the fall and she thought that was really considerate so the next summer things shifted. Not sure about housing, but I know my dad almost didn’t return the next summer (which would be the one they began dating), but Michael Daley urged him to. If Michael hadn’t done that, it’s likely they wouldn’t have ended up together.

She proposed.. and no, there weren’t popovers involved! Until management shifted we went every summer around opening with family friends from when my parents worked there and Michael Daley always joined us for a while.


We love MDI and apparently MDI has generated a lot of love for other people, both in the summer season and year round.

Have a love story? If you write about it online, leave a comment with a link to it… or contact us and we’ll include it in another edition. 🙂

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