You may want to give customers already on your website a way to buy gift certificates, besides linking to Gift MDI.

Here’s how Project Social did it… and yes, they sell multiple gift certificates every month because of it:

How to add a gift certificate sales page to your website:

1. Get the link to your gift certificate on (or contact us to join– as long as you have a business on or near Mount Desert Island Maine, you are in! And yes, it’s free.)

2. Open up your website editor and paste in this code, changing the sample link to your gift certificate link:

<iframe src=”” width=”1000px” height=”1000px” frameborder=”1″ scrolling=”yes” align=”center”></iframe>

Make sure you paste it in an area that can accept code or else it’ll look like gibberish when you go look at it. Also you can adjust the width and height to the size of your page.

If pixels as a dimension mean nothing to you because you are a normal person, you can install this Chrome extension to figure out how wide and tall in pixels things are on your website:
(Or you can just do a couple trial/error changes on the dimensions.)

A way to make additional income off your business without doing any additional work? This is as passive as it gets, my friends! (If you need help adding the code, contact us. We’re giant nerds and love to help with technical stuff.)