We’ve been trying to think with Gift MDI how we can reward our customers this important time of year.

What makes us unique is that we are NOT a coupon based site. Businesses are not forced to discount their products to offer them. Actually, we want all businesses to get 100% of the money for their gift certificates. We charge a small handling fee to pay for postage, credit card processing, and a few other expenses.

This December, however, we want EVERYONE to buy local online so we are waiving our handling fees for orders over $100. Just use gift code ‘GIFTLOCAL’ at checkout and you’ll see 20% go poof! off your order.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also partnered with the Bar Harbor Merchants Association in their 12 Days of Shopping and Dining Locally event.

Purchase any amount on giftmdi.com between December 8th to December 19th , 2018 and we’ll enter you into the drawings for fabulous prizes from local merchants. Learn more by visiting their site: https://barharbormerchants.com/

Thank you for your support of Gift MDI. Doing so you are:
1) putting some of your purchasing power into local businesses, making dollars go further and directly impacting the businesses and communities they are in.
2) supporting the year round economy of MDI.
3) buying your loved ones experiences, saving on waste and clutter.


Happy Holidays (and shopping) from all of us at Gift MDI!

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