Can a gift certificate change the world? Maybe, maybe not- but it can make people happy. Here are a few people who have shown that gift certificates can restore your faith in humanity:

This cancer patient won an Ugly Lawn Contest

A woman who has had stage four cancer for years, and may have to sell her house, won a gift certificate to improve her yard, that that caused lots of other community members to get involved too. Full story:

Women create gift bags for homeless moms on Mother’s Day

An Iowa woman took the idea of shelters asking for gift cards and made special gift bags for homeless moms that included things like a gift certificate for a photo shoot and a free manicure. Full story:

This boyfriend creating the perfect birthday with gift certificates and other surprises.

A boyfriend made his girlfriend feel special all day with little surprises including gift cards for lunch with friends and to her favorite store. Full story:

Hero Boyfriend Wins Internet With ‘Random’ Acts Of Kindness To Surprise Girl

These students got ‘tickets’ for driving safe.

Police officers gave students gift certificates for making safe choices (handing them out as ‘tickets’). Full story:

Lake of the Woods police hand out “tickets” at school

Gift certificates can be used in a variety of ways to simultaneously bring people happiness and make the world a better place. We’ll post more of these stories as we see them but if you know some, leave a comment below!

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