One of the most common bucket list items for people visiting Maine: eat lobster. Fresh out of the ocean and simply prepared, it is a delicacy you can pay dearly for if you eat it elsewhere on earth.

The two common ways to eat lobster are:

  1. Boiled. You get the whole lobster on a plate with crackers and other implements to open the shell and dig out the meat yourself. The meat can be dipped in drawn butter. Usually this is served as a meal with chips or fries, corn on the cob, and coleslaw.
  2. In lobster roll form. The lobster meat is tossed lightly with either mayo or butter (potentially with some shredded lettuce), and inside a hot dog bun. If you’ve never had one, it’s deliciously simple.

Sometimes, you want to eat more lobster without having to clean out the whole thing yourself or without eating yet another lobster roll.

Lobster is a great neutral meat, we could say it’s the chicken of the sea. So it can go in lots of stuff. Mainly, as you’ll see below, it goes really well with dairy.

Here are some ways you can have lobster at local eateries (availability may vary by season and lobster prices) that are a little further from the beaten path.

Note: We are trying to list local places that have these dishes. If you know of any we don’t have on our list, please leave a comment on this blog so we can add to it to our list!

Lobster Bisque

If you like clam chowder, lobster bisque is similar. A creamy base with lobster chunks, it’s filling and compliments the lobster meat well. It may feel weird to eat soup if you are here in the summer but it goes great with a crisp sandwich (like a BLT) or a salad to lighten it up.

Who serves it that we know of: Jordan Pond House (Acadia National Park), Galyn’s (Bar Harbor), Quietside Cafe (Southwest Harbor), Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound (Bar Harbor)

Lobster Mac and Cheese

We know lobster goes great with dairy (drawn butter anyone?) so it makes sense that it would go great in mac and cheese. This dish is turning into a classic way to serve it, if a little less portable than a lobster roll.

Who serves it that we know of: McKay’s Public House (Bar Harbor), Route 66 (Bar Harbor), Side Street Cafe (Bar Harbor), Tan Turtle Tavern (Northeast Harbor)

Lobster Ice Cream

Another lobster & dairy combo, this is something you mainly do to cross off your bucket list, so order a small in a dish with some spoons and let everyone try it with you.

Who serves it that we know of: Ben and Bills (Bar Harbor)

Lobster Pizza

You want lobster, your dinner date wants pizza. You can have both!

Who serves it that we know of:  Geddy’s (Bar Harbor), Blaze (Bar Harbor)– Build Your Own

Lobster Enchiladas/Quesadillas

Since we know the whole melted cheese and lobster combo works so well, putting them in an enchilada or a quesadilla seemed like only a matter of time. The Mexican influence ads some interest.

Who serves it that we know of:  Side Street Cafe (Bar Harbor), Galyn’s (Bar Harbor), Jalapenos (occasionally a special, Bar Harbor)

So whether you buy lobster and cook it yourself or are out and about eating your way around Mount Desert Island, try lobster in a different way than the usual and see what a beautiful ingredient in can be!

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