You’ve seen bike, kayak, climbing gear, and other outdoor equipment rentals on MDI, but there may be some things you haven’t thought to rent. Consider this your guide to the not-so-typical items that are available to rent here on Mount Desert Island.

Baby Gear

Traveling with a baby is tough work. They come with a lot of stuff that takes up quite a bit of room in the car. Do you really need to travel with a high chair that takes up the space your actual baby would use in the car? What if your rental doesn’t have a crib? Enter Acadia Baby Outfitters. They have everything you need like sleeping gear (crib, Pack-n-play), strollers, high chairs/booster seats, and that stuff you don’t need (and definitely won’t pack) like bouncy chairs.

Not only can you rest assured that the equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every use (using organic products), Acadia Baby Outfitters also keeps a close eye on product recall and safety ratings, so you won’t end up with something sketchy or unsafe.

Rental costs vary from $3-$16 per day or $12-$60 per week, depending on the product. Deliveries and pickups are also available for an extra $25-$40 (again depending on the product).

Ridiculous Party Supplies

Having a party that you want everyone to remember? Grand Rental Station in Trenton has just what you need: bounce houses! In addition to themed houses (think Frozen, Justice League, Mickey Mouse), they also carry some crazy fun inflatables. After all, you don’t need an excuse to rent a giant Velcro inflatable wall or race your friends through a 50 ft inflatable obstacle course!¬† Check out the full list on Grand Rental Station’s website– there’s a lot! In addition to bounce houses, you can also rent things like an outdoor bar or popcorn machine.

Wallace Events in Ellsworth also offers rental services for parties. In addition to tents, serving, and catering equipment, you can finally have that fountain of champagne you’ve always wanted at your next birthday party, right next to the dance floor. They also offer lighting services including chandeliers and Chinese lanterns


So you want to play that tear-jerker slideshow at your upcoming family reunion, but of course, no one has a projector or a way to connect the various bits of electronics. Rather than have all your family members try to huddle around your laptop, you can rent a projector and screen from Breaking Even Communications in Bar Harbor. The LCD projector and folding screen also come with an extension cord and various dongles and HDMI so you can hook up to your device. If you need help setting up and/or would like the equipment delivered, that’s available for an additional cost.

Projector and Screen Rental

Maybe you haven’t made the tear-jerker slideshow yet, but you want to make it look professional. Breaking Even Communications also offers a photography/videography lighting kit for rental, too. This lighting kit is also a great solution for small businesses who want to do some filming or photography for their websites or social media, but don’t necessarily want to purchase all the lighting equipment. Again, delivery and pickups are available at an extra cost.

Cowboy Photography/Videography Lighting Kit Rental

Electric Bikes

You may have noticed that the Island has a lot of ups and downs when it comes to topography. Maybe you want to get out for a bike ride, but want it to be more enjoyable than excruciating. Enter Pedego, a national brand of electric bikes, has a storefront for rentals on West Street in Bar Harbor. The “standard” bikes are available for $50/2 hours (you can also book for 1 day or 5 days), and the trail bikes and tandem bikes are available for $60/2 hours.

Please note: Electric bikes cannot be used on the carriage roads in Acadia National Park


Renting a room or house to live in for a week isn’t “unusual,” but you may not have thought about renting a place to work for a few hours/days (whether you’re visiting or here all year). In a sea of cute houses, you may not know you can also rent a room to have a meeting, job interview, or simply have high speed internet and reliable cell service for a few hours. Both coworking spaces mentioned below have workspace, conference rooms, high speed internet connection, and a community of other hard working individuals. Visit their websites for different rates, hours, and membership opportunities:

In Bar Harbor, there’s Anchorspace, where you can rent a stand-sit desk for a day, book the conference room for a meeting, and enjoy the company of other people getting stuff done.

In Northeast Harbor, you’ll find Wheelhouse, another coworking space. There, you’ll find desk space and private offices, as well as two conference rooms.

Have you tried any of these rentals before? Have you rented anything you didn’t expect you’d be able to on MDI? Tell us about it!


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