Ah love on MDI. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you want to do the dinner/drinks thing for your next date, we’re not here to stop you. If you want to get some creativity points, try out these five ideas (some under $25 even) and make yourself unforgettable.

Great Head Hike and Kite Flying on Sand Beach

Activity Level: Moderate
Cost: $25ish (kite, day park pass, and some snacks)

Besides being able to go into a ‘back entrance’ of Acadia National Park (this doesn’t mean avoiding park fees so much as avoiding all the craziness of the Park Loop Road certain times of the year), this is a good hike in that it’s pretty, you don’t have to work too hard (it’ll take you an hour and a half if you are going slow), and you can cut over to Sand Beach when you are done.
You can pick up a cheap kite and have a pretty good time as the winds on Sand Beach make it relatively kite friendly most of the time. Bonus points if you bring snacks/beverages to enjoy with you for the kite portion.

Anemone Cave And Beverages In Downtown Bar Harbor

Activity Level: Low
Cost: $15ish (beers)

Anenome Cave was taken off some maps because it was getting degraded but so long as you’re ecologically conscious, you can get major cool points for scrambling around in a not so scary cave. (You can read about the history, etc. of this place for additional cool points on Jennifer Booher’s blog. And if you like her work, consider buying a gift certificate for her Etsy store right here on Gift MDI!)
Bring a camera and grippy shoes and go looking around in tide pools, seeing what you can identify.  Afterwards, stop somewhere for beers and you’ll have plenty of conversation starters. Note: you have to go at low tide so check a tide schedule before planning your date!

Coda and a Barn Arts Show

Activity Level: Low
Cost: $50ish (apps, drinks, and donation for performance)

If your date is artsy or you want to do something more evening-focused, consider sharing apps/drinks at Coda and then heading to a Barn Arts Collective show. (Yes, you can buy gift certificates for Coda and for Barn Arts right on this website!) House-made sausage/condiments and experimental theater sounds pretty fun to me!

Sunset Cruise (with BYO Picnic)

Activity Level: Low
Cost: $75ish (tour tickets and snacks)

Some boat companies allow you to bring your own booze and/or snacks with you on their tours (check ahead first). One of the best friend dates I’ve ever been on was when my friend Jen and I each brought our dogs aboard the Margaret Todd sunset cruise and our own picnic complete with wine and fancy apps. EVERYONE on that boat wanted to be us.

DIY Crawl

Activity Level: Moderate
Cost: $50ish (depending on crawl choice item)

Have you and your date bonded over your shared love of poutine, coffee, or cinnamon rolls? Devise your own crawl where you go place to place, trying your favorite thing at each location. Take notes and play critic while really figuring out the answer to the question of who has the best insert-item-here in town. Note: I did a crawl with margaritas and I don’t recommend doing that. 😉

Point is, there are plenty of ways to get creative. I’m sure I’ll end up with another post (or two) of creative date ideas… but if you do any of these, let us know how they work out for you! And are there any we’ve forgotten that are your favorites?

2 comments on “Five Creative Date Ideas On Mount Desert Island

  • Well hang in now, you left off a romantic walk (and perhaps a bit of snuggling) on the shore path! Couples have been doing it for over a hundard years and it landed me a hubby!!!

    • This is a story I have to hear! 🙂 If you blog about it on your site, let me know, I am sensing a ‘Love Stories on MDI’ post for Valentine’s Day!

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