The word ‘bar’ might be part of Bar Harbor but it’s not necessarily known for its night life.

That said, being single in this town for the better part of a decade, there are definitely better places to meet people than others. Here is the scene at the five best bars you could get picked up at tonight.

Jack Russell’s Steakhouse

If you like your men handy and enjoy an early evening, happy hour at Jack Russell’s is a nice place to show up. They make a mean martini and brew their own beer. I once had a guy walk up to me, put his business card on the counter and say ‘If you ever need a plumber…’ I was even wearing an engagement ring when it happened.

Balance Rock Inn

This may be a bar inside an inn but it’s a local haunt. It’s nice to have a drink by the pool but you can also run into plenty of locals you know and don’t know. I always meet at least five people there every summer who have lived here for a decade or more that I somehow have not yet met. Sit at the small bar and chat with people on vacation; I’ve made a few friends there that I am still in touch with on Facebook today.

Dog and Pony Tavern

There is a a certain shift that happens sometime between 9 and 11 PM where Dog and Pony transitions from happy hour/poutine selling restaurant  to a bit more of a ‘meat market’. (I use the term in the most flattering way.) If you are over 30 or looking for someone who is, they’ll probably end their night here if they don’t feel like braving the crowd at Carmen’s (see below).

(Aside: If the crowd is too old for you, head to the Lompoc, literally across the parking lot for a more hipster/younger scene. I once got into an enthralling discussion about geologic eras with a cute guy there. Prepare for beards and skinny jeans.)

Carmen Verandah

This is where all nights end, where people have their bachelor/bachelorette parties, and where dancing is going on every Friday and Saturday night in season with a DJ. Sometimes they have great live music but are great about posting it on their Facebook page when they do. Pro tip: Show up in a wig or other ridiculousness to increase the amount of conversations you’ll get into.

Cottage Street Pub

If you don’t mind paying $12 for a drink, sit at this small bar. People here are pretty chatty because 75% of the place is the long narrow bar (note: there is no food besides popcorn so pregame accordingly foodwise).  I’ve met lots of alternatively employed people here: boat people, camera crews in town for a filming, private chefs, etc. so you can get into some pretty good discussions if you like that sort of crowd.

Does Bar Harbor have a giant singles scene? I’m going to be honest, not particularly. Can you go out and meet some interesting people sans dating app? You sure can. But a mixture of this list and your favorite dating app should help you have an interesting night!

Please leave a comment with your experiences at any of these places, or other favorite pickup bars you know in Bar Harbor!


3 comments on “Five Best Pickup Bars In Bar Harbor

  • Hi, thanks for the shout out to Cottage Street Pub. As the owner I appreciate all publicity, however I must mention that all of our specialty drinks on the chalkboards are between $8-$11. None are $12! And they’re worth every penny ?

    • Tessa, I 100% agree. I was just going off my memory, sorry I was $1 off. That said, we have to leave our servers a tip so we should keep in mind an $8 custom crafted cocktail deserves at LEAST a $2 tip.

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