For Buyers

I just placed my order. What happens now?

You should get a confirmation email/receipt for your order within minutes of placing it. If not, please contact us.

You will receive email notification when your order is sent and arrival times will depend on what shipping option you chose as well as how quickly we can get ahold of the business you purchased from.

Can I update my order?
You have the option of creating an account as you place an order. To make changes, you can log in and do so directly. If you didn’t make an account, simply contact us and we can give you a hand.

Can I return my purchase?
If you sent the gift certificate to yourself and it is within 15 days of purchase, yes. (If you sent it to someone else, there’s no way for us to really get it back and void the purchase without a lot of time and some awkwardness). Contact us and we’ll give you a hand (include the order number if you can so we can help you faster).

I love what you are doing. Does GiftMDI have an affiliate/referral program?

Yes. If you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll get a custom link you can share on social media, email, anywhere. If someone makes a purchase off your link, you’ll get 10% of the total amount purchased AND the person you refer gets 10% off. See more about affiliates below.

Why can’t I priority mail?

We offer free shipping in the US, and a $5 flat fee internationally. If you order your gift before 2 pm AND you want the person to receive it the next day, we can do that (but it comes dearly—to the tune of about $40). Just get in touch with us and we can make it happen.


For Businesses

There are a lot of small moving parts to the online selling of gift cards including:

  • selling online (in a fun, easy to buy interface)
  • adding a personal message (if applicable)
  • sending the gift card
  • communicating with the purchaser throughout the process
  • online and offline marketing
  • accounting (tracking sales tax, amounts sold, etc.)
  • offering delivery options that are fast and reliable

GiftMDI takes all that stuff out of your hands and makes it so all you have to do is get your monthly check/report and fulfill the cards/certificates as they are redeemed. From technology to customer service to marketing to local knowledge, we have the interest and skills to do this well… so let us take it off your already full plate.


Nothing! The customer is charged a handling fee. We just need a reliable person to get ahold of for when we sell something on your behalf.

Fees go towards things like payment processing (the credit card companies charge this, not us), handling, customer service, bookkeeping/reporting, and marketing. Fees are lowered, however, if you are doing bulk purchasing as we can create efficiency in a larger order that is impossible to do selling gift certificates one at a time:

For Affiliates

Yes, works the same way as a person, just sign up and we’ll be in touch. I mean why not make money selling your gift certificates on the site AND for promoting the site?

It’s good to have a couple ways people can make a purchase. One is by giving you a custom link like You can share these links online easily and when they are used, the customer gets 10% off and you get 10% of the purchase.
Now if you are verbally telling people, it’s going to be hard for them to remember your custom link. In the checkout process, there is a promo code area and we’ll make that the same as your custom link. For example, “Just go to and when you’re checking out, just type in JENFROMSWH in the promo code area and you’ll get 10% off.”
As you can see, in some situations, one works better than the other so having both can be helpful. If you want to use only one method, we’re fine with that, we just want to give you options.
When you are signed up, you’ll get a log in to the website where you can see your sales information directly. You’ll also get an email when a sale is generated. In other words, you don’t have to take our word for it, you can track it yourself too.

Depending on sales, we plan to issue checks monthly. Only made $4.35 last month? We may send you an email and ask if you want to wait another month for a larger total. The two methods of getting paid are Paypal and by check. You can pick which you prefer when you sign up.

In General

We aren’t affiliated with any group, chamber, business, political party, or any other possible ‘agenda’ we can think of. We just want to help people make more money with our weird combination of tech, customer service, and marketing skill sets. Really.

Do we want to make money? Of course we do, but never at the extent of turning into money grubbing sleazeballs. Making a profit while helping people is the whole reason anyone starts a business and we are no different.

GiftMDI is our template and we’re using it to help our community but also collect data so we can hone our accounting, marketing, and other practices. Once we have that down, we’ll be expanding to other communities, helping people in those communities start their own Gift AnyTownHere franchises. Contact us if you want to be among the first.

No way! But if you sell chamber bucks or anything like it, you know what a hassle it can be to take payment, arrange pickup of items, chit chat with the customer when they stop by, and everything else. Like the businesses on GiftMDI, you probably don’t have the time, website capabilities, or both to do gift certificates and gift services efficiently…along with everything else members and the general public expect from you.

We are happy to help you sell your chamber bucks, be a part of your membership packages, or find other ways to work together. Let’s talk!

Trust us, we need you to keep doing what you do. All we want to do is sell gift certificates!

Have a question you don’t see here? Contact us.