Since we’ve talked sunrise previously, it only makes sense to offer you some non Cadillac Mountain sunset spots for the Night Owls.   Hadley Point Beach:  Owned by the Town of Bar Harbor, and managed as a multi-use area, Hadley Point is a popular picnic area and boat launch. Bring some firewood with you and have a… Read More

Let’s face it, a good old fashioned guidebook beats a phone app, especially when your phone charge is running low and your reception is a bit spotty. Here are a few guide books I think are great. Some are more maps, some are more like mini encyclopedias, and some are specialized. You could own all… Read More

Mount Desert Island is the home of Cadillac Mountain, the first place in the United States to receive the morning sun for much of the year. This makes Sunrise on Cadillac a check on everyone’s to do list, but what if you want somewhere a little less busy or a slightly different experience? Anywhere that… Read More

Winter’s a great time for all of us to catch up on our reading (what’s better than getting cozy with a good book?). Thankfully, we have a few bookstores to check out, right here on MDI: Sherman’s 6 Main St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 Known for: A bookstore with more, Sherman’s is also part gift… Read More

You’ve seen bike, kayak, climbing gear, and other outdoor equipment rentals on MDI, but there may be some things you haven’t thought to rent. Consider this your guide to the not-so-typical items that are available to rent here on Mount Desert Island. Baby Gear Traveling with a baby is tough work. They come with a… Read More

We live in a generous community with a lot of non-profits. We have businesses who also support local organizations. By patronizing them, you support these causes. Here are five we know about: Common Good Cafe FMI: If you want to enjoy popovers with more of a community feel, stop by the Common Good Cafe, which… Read More

MDI is a place of natural wonder, a place where mountain and sea live together in peace.  While a hike up Cadillac or Beehive is highly recommended, the water is a great option if you’re interested in seeing the island through a fresh set of eyes. For your convenience, we have researched the best boat… Read More

When exploring a national park that is 49,052 acres wide, it can be difficult to see all you want to see during a short, fun-filled vacation.  Luckily for us, the Indus Valley gave us wheels!  Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor offer quite a few options if you’re looking to learn more… Read More

Ah love on MDI. It’s a beautiful thing. If you want to do the dinner/drinks thing for your next date, we’re not here to stop you. If you want to get some creativity points, try out these five ideas (some under $25 even) and make yourself unforgettable. Great Head Hike and Kite Flying on Sand… Read More

If you prefer sight-seeing on foot, MDI has a few different walking tours available. Each tour has it’s own unique theme. All of these tours are designed to be enjoyable for locals and visitors alike, so there’s something for everyone. The Red Cloak Tour in Bar Harbor. These tours are designed to explore the spookier… Read More