Want to bring your best friend to MDI with you for some adventures? You’re in luck! It’s a pretty dog-friendly community overall, from lodging to dining to exploring the park, and more. Here are some dining, lodging, and general activities that welcome well-behaved dogs (and humans). Food The Coffee Hound in Bar Harbor not only welcomes… Read More

One of the most common bucket list items for people visiting Maine: eat lobster. Fresh out of the ocean and simply prepared, it is a delicacy you can pay dearly for if you eat it elsewhere on earth. The two common ways to eat lobster are: Boiled. You get the whole lobster on a plate… Read More

Whether you’re looking for gut-busting laughs, a classical theater production, something more original and unique, a child friendly-atmosphere, or the creative work of other individuals, there’s something for you on the island! MDI has a robust offering of live performances (not including music- we had to make a separate post for that!). ImprovAcadia on Cottage… Read More

Quality live music is not hard to come by here on MDI, whether or not it’s during the busy summer season. Year Round Options At the Thirsty Whale Tavern on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor, you can also find live music on Friday and Saturday nights, typically “rhythm and blues, jazz, rock and roll, and some old-time fiddle.” Another… Read More

The great thing about our new economy is that we can take our work with us, which allows us to have more flexible schedules and do things like take longer vacations. (Yes, there is definitely a down side too of course but I’m a glass full kind of person). If you’re vacationing in Acadia National… Read More

You’re on a family vacation, congratulations! The great thing is there are plenty of fun things to do with kids on your vacation. Check out kid friendly hikes. Hope’s book Ten Days In Acadia is a hiking guide for kids, written by a local with tons of hiking experience. You can buy it online or… Read More

The word ‘bar’ might be part of Bar Harbor but it’s not necessarily known for its night life. That said, being single in this town for the better part of a decade, there are definitely better places to meet people than others. Here is the scene at the five best bars you could get picked… Read More