So you made it Mount Desert Island. Congratulations! (And if we are getting ahead of ourselves, check out our previous post about getting to MDI without a car.) The joy of our Island is that all the villages are pretty much walkable and most have the basics available, so if you’re looking for transportation to… Read More

“Do I need to have a car on MDI?” While this question comes to us mostly from visitors, we know people who don’t drive that live here year round, so here are some thoughts for all who are wondering if they can spend time on MDI without their own car. In this first part, we… Read More

Whether you live on MDI or just visit us a lot, it can be sometimes nice to have an adventure in the form of a day trip. Day trips mean you can keep your home base and maybe see a little something you weren’t planning on. We are going to feature regular day trip destinations… Read More

Festivals are one of the many great attractions Mount Desert Island offers. We’ve written posts about Bar Harbor based festivals and Southwest Harbor based festivals. This third and final blog post covers cool festivals happening and around on the rest of the island. Acadia Birding Festival Happening: end of May/beginning of June every year across… Read More

  Summer festivals are a fun part of living on and visiting Mount Desert Island. Check out our previous post about festivals happening regularly in Bar Harbor.  This post is about festivals that happen in Southwest Harbor, which some people nickname the ‘backside’ or ‘quiet side’. (Next week’s blog post, and the final in this… Read More

  Everyone knows summer is tourist season on MDI. Millions of people flock to the island from across the globe as the weather warms. The warm weather also welcomes festival season. With a diverse grouping of festivals all over the island, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here we have organized everything nicely for… Read More

The sun is out and we’re hungry – Picnic time! Living on MDI, we are truly spoiled for beautiful scenery and there is nothing better than packing a lunch stealing away  from it all. Here are 5 lesser known favorite picnic spots of mine… but before we give it all away here’s some basic picnic etiquette!… Read More

  Though understandably famous as an outdoor and coastal resort location, Mount Desert Island also has a thriving year rounds arts and cultural community. The longer lazy days of summer offer plenty of cultural opportunities and performances. Here are 5 of our favorite annual music festivals. Mount Desert Festival Of Chamber Music Started in 1963, Mount… Read More