Years ago, I made a joke-y Yelp list I called the Bar Harbor Margarita Crawl where I discussed how to drink your way through Bar Harbor in terms of margaritas. This list took into consideration relative tastiness of margaritas (start with better tasting, end evening with more ‘meh’ options) and was listed related to walkable distances from my then Cottage Street apartment.

When a friend was visiting, he insisted we do the crawl as written. It was an interesting way to spend an October evening and I’ve done it every two to three years with friends since. (The epic hangover and my middle age means my body can’t handle it every year.)

Since over half of the original locations have closed, I thought it was time to reprise the list.

Side Street Cafe

They have a margarita of the moment ready to go and happy hour specials. Start here.

Jalapenos Mexican Cantina

As you drink, you may get hungry and having your second margarita while eating a salad in a fried bowl will make you feel happy. It sure makes me happy. More info here.

Bar Harbor Lobster Company

Three words: Roasted pineapple margarita. They also offer lime and mango .


You’ll be ok with the longer walk at this point so head to Havana to get margarita #4. Sit on the ‘parilla’ for a more informal and better people watching experience.

I personally recommend stopping at four margaritas total, you could also walk down the Shore Path, chill a bit then hit up the Cottage Street end of things for round two.



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