Do you ever feel that our MDI Small Businesses only care about the tourists? Well we’re happy to say you’re wrong. I hear this grumble from time to time and today, whilst sipping my coffee, was no exception. Of course the fact that I’d forgotten my Choco-Latte card was my fault (and yes I could… Read More

 Since we’ve talked sunrise previously, it only makes sense to offer you some non Cadillac Mountain sunset spots for the Night Owls.   Hadley Point Beach:  Owned by the Town of Bar Harbor, and managed as a multi-use area, Hadley Point is a popular picnic area and boat launch. Bring some firewood with you and have a… Read More

Mount Desert Island is the home of Cadillac Mountain, the first place in the United States to receive the morning sun for much of the year. This makes Sunrise on Cadillac a check on everyone’s to do list, but what if you want somewhere a little less busy or a slightly different experience? Anywhere that… Read More

In our last post, we shared information about the different transfer and recycling stations available on the island… But you may be wondering about the whole system: Here is great visual from Acadia  Disposal District.  For Non Member Towns they sort, process, and sell on their own (we’re sure Southwest has some form of processing… Read More

Ah the local dump, there’s nothing like it whether you are looking to gather treasures or drop your refuse.   We have three transfer stations here on MDI and Tremont has a recycling area. Bar Harbor is about to start the renovation of their transfer station, so we are including the details for the temporary… Read More

  As the summer season winds down and the nights draw in, our thoughts tend to turn back to home and community, especially reconnecting with our friends and neighbors. And what could be better than meeting and breaking bread with friends old and new? Here’s our guide to Community Suppahs, meals and coffee breaks on… Read More