Have you ever wondered how that 16 year old Youtuber doing makeup videos makes money?
Do you see last season’s Bachelor contestant posing with a product on Instagram and think “Why is he doing that? He must be getting paid!”
When your mechanic told you to go get your tires rotated at X Tire Store and to ‘mention my name so you get $25 off’, did you think that was pretty cool?

Businesses are tired of paying for giant ad campaigns that don’t generate sales. Most everyone is looking for ways to make extra money outside their day jobs. Affiliate marketing helps both these groups.

Affiliate marketing is when a company rewards people or other businesses financially for each customer they bring in. And in the age of the internet, it’s more popular than ever.

By recommending GiftMDI to your friend (and using a special code/link so we can actually track it), you can give your friend a discount on their order AND you can make money when they buy. We could pay Google or Facebook for advertising but honestly, it’s more powerful to pay passionate businesses and individuals who want to help us make sales…. and that could be you!

How do affiliates on GiftMDI.com work?

  1.  Sign up to be an affiliate (below) and get a special referral URL/promo code. If your name is Jen, your promo code people type into the cart could be “ILIKEJEN” or if you own a business called the Quarterdeck, you could have the URL www.giftmdi.com/quarterdeck for your use. This special code or link makes sure you get the credit and your person gets a discount.
  2.  Share your special URL/referral code on your website, social media, blog, email, posters… any way you want! If you need help with ideas, we are happy to assist.
  3.  When a customer makes a purchase from your URL/special code, you get 10% of the purchase.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win. You recommend something you’d recommend anyway and get financially rewarded for it. GiftMDI pays lower advertising costs to acquire new customers and keeps money in the local community. Customers save money and have incentive to make purchases. Participating businesses get more sales. OK, so I guess it’s more a win-win-win-win, and that’s even better.

We’re currently accepting affiliates for GiftMDI; apply below and we’ll follow up if we accept your application. (Note: as we are a relatively new site, give us some time to get back to you as we get everything working!)

Thanks for your interest and pass this on to anyone you know who may like to know about it.