Ah the local dump, there’s nothing like it whether you are looking to gather treasures or drop your refuse.

We have three transfer stations here on MDI and Tremont has a recycling area.

Here’s a quick guide to what’s what:

Bar Harbor Transfer Station (Updated February

Address: 8/9 White Spruce Road, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 (Strawberry Hill)
Tel: 288-4464
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 AM – 3:45 PM, Saturday 8 AM – 11:45 AM (Summer hours: Monday through Friday 7AM – 3:45PM, Sat./Sun. 8AM – 11.45AM) SUMMER 2019: Closed Sundays and Thursday Afternoons – check link below for exact hours website not updated at the time of this edit)
Items Accepted: Bar Harbor accepts MOST Household trash items – click here for full details – including: cardboard, newspapers, office paper, mixed paper, plastics, cans, batteries, glass, light bulbs. common items NOT accepted – bottle caps, aluminium foil, bubble wrap, batteries and plastic bags (Hannaford for these?)This is a Single Sort Facility. You only have to separate Glass from all other recycle items.
Separate bins for: glass, fluorescent/mercury bulbs, waste oil, empty propane tanks & electronics
‘Swap’ Area Info:  None. Sometimes treasures can be found, but they are items that could be sold  for Town Income and you are not supposed to take them.
Helpful Hints:
A permit is required to dispose of solid waste and recyclable items (available at the White  Spruce Road Facility, Finance Department at 93 Cottage or Public Works Dept. in Hulls Cove. Vacation (and presumably year round) rental property owners can apply for a hanger tag for rental use and the Town Hall finance department. Don’t go there Saturday morning because EVERYONE else has that same idea.
Trash area takes individual bags but not construction debris. There doesn’t seem to be a bag limit so long as items are actually IN a bag.
Currently, leaves and yard waste, white goods, metals, and recyclables are accepted at the Public Works Facility in Hulls Cove, off Crooked Road.
Large items, including brush (fee charged), carpets, furniture, and mattresses are not accepted in Bar Harbor and must be taken to Eastern Maine Recycling (EMR) in Southwest Harbor on Long Pond Road.

FMI: http://www.barharbormaine.gov/147/Solid-Waste-Recycling-Division

Northeast Harbor Transfer Station

Address: 307 Sargeant Drive Northeast Harbor ME 04662
Tel: (207) 276-5743 Garbage Hotline: (207) 276-5733 (for questions, summer residents informing of their return etc)
Hours: Open 24-7
Items Accepted: Household Trash & Recycling: cardboard (includes brown bags, boxboard and DOMESTIC corrugated including CLEAN pizza boxes), newspaper, mixed paper, office paper, plastics (#1-7), cans, glass jar and bottles.
‘Swap’ Area Info: No. Experience has shown they become a dumping ground for all sorts of trash in addition to some good items.
Helpful Hints:
The recycling area is covered, making this a much more desirable rainy day recycling location than Bar Harbor.
The trash area is two small dumpsters which are sometimes full.  NEH has Curbside trash collection, so these dumpsters are designed for those who missed their trash pick up.
There is a deposit bottle bin for a non profit if you wish to donate your returnables
Open 24-7.
FMI: https://www.mtdesert.org/public-works

Southwest Harbor Transfer Station

Address: Eastern Maine Recycling, 47 Long Pond Road, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
Tel: 244-4347
Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday 8.00am – 3pm
Items Accepted: Items must be sorted into 3 categories: “Newspaper” includes newspaper, office & mixed paper and , unusually clean and rinsed juice and milk containers. “Cardboard” includes Corrugated cardboard, cardboard, brown paper bags, gift boxes. “Containers” includes all plastics (#1-7), cans, jars, bottles, foil, empty aerosol and empty paint cans
‘Swap’ Area Info: There is the informal “Transfer Treasure” Gazebo operated by volunteer folks. It’s mainly used in the summer, but you can access it year round
Helpful Hints:  Lightbulbs are NOT accepted.
FMI: Call EMR at (207) 244 4347

Tremont Township

Location of recycle dumpsters: Town Office Back Parking Lot, 20 Harbor Drive, Route 102A,  Bass Harbor, ME 04653
Tel: (207) 244-7204
Hours: Open 24-7
Household Trash: residents take to EMR in Southwest Harbor.
Items Accepted: Household Trash & Recycling: cardboard (includes brown bags, boxboard and DOMESTIC corrugated including CLEAN pizza boxes), newspaper, mixed paper, office paper, plastics (#1-7), cans, glass jar and bottles.
‘Swap’ Area Info: None

So the above handy dandy reference guide above should help you get things where they need to go – or tell you where to “dumpster dive” for trash treasures, but it also brings up numerous questions about the bigger system and recycling. Stay tuned for Part Two of this post, and we’ll answer those questions for you!

Want to know more? This article has a fascinating part two!

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  • The Southwest Harbor Transfer Station (EMR) takes florescent bulbs, electronics and batteries on the second Saturday of each month. I’m not sure of the hours, it used to be 9am to 1pm but it may go later than that now. Bob, one of the workers at the dump will take antiques and collectables as a donation (he sells stuff) to feed the 25 or more cats he takes care of that show up at the dump. Some of these cats are with him at his house, the rest he feeds at the dump at great personal expense. He tries to get cats neutered. Sometimes he has cats that are in need of good homes.

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