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Your Guide To MDI Festivals: Southwest Harbor Edition

  Summer festivals are a fun part of living on and visiting Mount Desert Island. Check out our previous post about festivals happening regularly in Bar Harbor.  This post is about festivals that happen in Southwest Harbor, which some people nickname the ‘backside’ or ‘quiet side’. (Next week’s blog post, and the final in this… Read More

Your Guide To MDI Summer Festivals: Bar Harbor Edition

  Everyone knows summer is tourist season on MDI. Millions of people flock to the island from across the globe as the weather warms. The warm weather also welcomes festival season. With a diverse grouping of festivals all over the island, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here we have organized everything nicely for… Read More

Your Guide To Awesome Mount Desert Island Convenience Store Food

If you’ve ever traveled around MDI, you know that gas stations/convenience stores are a nice part of the local landscape. They are typically locally owned and you can count on certain things being there: gas, ready made food like chips and soda, as well as more homemade or warmer options like freshly brewed coffee or… Read More