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Four Crazy Places You Can Sleep On Mount Desert Island

There is definitely no shortage of quality places to stay on MDI in terms of hotels, bed and breakfasts, weekly rentals, and campgraounds. Here are some of the more unique places to rest your head on MDI and let the lights go out. Yurt Yurts are from central Asia, but you can sleep in one… Read More

Top Five Forgotten Maine Delicacies

Everyone who thinks of Maine food thinks of lobsters and blueberries. But there are other things we think you’d enjoy that are equally Maine to the taste buds. Here are five Maine foods you may want to try (or if you’re a local, get your visiting friends to try) for the full Maine experience. Moxie… Read More

Maine Sculpture Trail (Part 3)

Two previous blog posts have taken you through 266 miles of the Maine Sculpture Trail – Oh Canada Route. If you missed them, go back and check out Part 1 and Part 2. This final post describes our last day of this unique adventure. Day Three- Back At It After another good night’s rest and… Read More