Are you an MDI or MDI adjacent business looking to sell more online? Welcome to GiftMDI.Our goal is not to be another weird directory website but an ongoing resource for people to buy year round, locally and easily, while creating a passive income stream for local businesses.

Why Gift Cards/Certificates?

Gift cards and gift certificates are not only an easy thing to send and receive, they are also a profitable line item for businesses. Consider these gift card/certificate facts:

So whether the gift card is never redeemed or whether the recipient comes in and spends more than the value, gift certificates are a money making proposition for businesses AND something gift recipients want to receive. Helping MDI businesses sell them and MDI residents and visitors purchase them is a win win.

What We Won’t Have

In creating GiftMDI, we thought about what we didn’t want this website to be as much as what we wanted it to have. Please DON’T expect the following:

Unclear affiliation – We don’t want to hide who is behind this website. Here we are.

Unclear pricing – You’ll know your fees up front and receive a monthly check and report to let you know about your sales and how you got them.

Monthly fees for merchants – If GiftMDI doesn’t make you money, we don’t want to take your money. We take a percentage of gift certificates sold with handling fee so this is a zero risk trial for any business.

Per card fees for merchants – Per card fees penalize businesses who rely on small transactions (have you tried to spend $100 at your favorite coffee shop?). Plus, we all need a $25 gift certificate sometimes and we want these people on the website.

Exclusive membership – If you are a local MDI or MDI adjacent business, we’ll work with you. You don’t need to be part of a certain group or be friends with a certain person, we are open to everyone. Click here and fill out our inquiry form. 

Bad Customer Experience/Service – We didn’t half build this website and launch it when we weren’t ready. We’ve beta tested this site extensively with real people (not just web nerds) and tried to think of everything your customer could want. Your customers are used to sophisticated websites and great customer service and we want to give them that.

My competitors are on the same site as me?

We live in a small town so yes, if you have a restaurant, there will be other restaurant gift certificates on this website. But did having other restaurants in Bar Harbor stop you from opening yours? Of course not. A rising tide lifts all boats and you better believe we are rooting for your success on your website as hard as we root for your ‘competitors’. You can expect even handedness related to marketing/promotion and integrity related to our dealings with all businesses we serve.


Whether we sell a $5 gift card or a $1000 gift certificate, it’s about the same amount of work for us. That said, one of those works better for an ice cream stand than the other.

Our pricing model is fair and rewards those who help us sell more of their certificates through their networks with lower fees and other incentives.

Also in 86% of cases, since gift cards are worth more than their face value, merchants should make back commission fees and then some.

Our goal over time is to find inefficiencies in our process and lower merchant fees as we do, especially for those who’ve been with us since the beginning. Click here to see more on pricing…