Whenever I unexpectedly find $5, I like to think the universe is telling me to treat myself. Because I live on MDI, I have no shortage of options when it comes to baked goods. The following are my favorite $5 (or less) carbohydrates (with a little help from my friends). (I will say my limit… Read More

If you aren’t quite ready for summer to be over yet, a great way to resist is to eat some ice cream. Here are some ice cream stands we know about and what they have there. CJ’s Big Dipper.  On Main Street in Bar Harbor, CJ’s has a pretty large menu when it comes to… Read More

Years ago, I made a joke-y Yelp list I called the Bar Harbor Margarita Crawl where I discussed how to drink your way through Bar Harbor in terms of margaritas. This list took into consideration relative tastiness of margaritas (start with better tasting, end evening with more ‘meh’ options) and was listed related to walkable… Read More

MDI is a place of natural wonder, a place where mountain and sea live together in peace.  While a hike up Cadillac or Beehive is highly recommended, the water is a great option if you’re interested in seeing the island through a fresh set of eyes. For your convenience, we have researched the best boat… Read More

When exploring a national park that is 49,052 acres wide, it can be difficult to see all you want to see during a short, fun-filled vacation.  Luckily for us, the Indus Valley gave us wheels!  Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor offer quite a few options if you’re looking to learn more… Read More

In a state obsessed with whoopie and blueberry pies, you’ve probably noticed a high concentration of popovers offered on Mount Desert Island.  This dates back to 1895 when the Jordan Pond House was established. Thomas and Nellie McIntire purchased the old Jordan Homestead and began adding on rooms to accommodate diners.  Popovers were among the original… Read More

There seems to be a concept on MDI of ‘August People’ or ‘100 days of August’. Sometimes people just say ‘August’ in an exasperated tone. There may be different ways of putting it but the basic idea is for locals, August is the time when a less pleasant crowd comes to town, and where work… Read More